appiano sulla strade del vino

Appiano sulla Strada del Vino, Province of Bolzano, Region Trentino Alto Adige, Italy. Eppan an der Weinstraße in German, the commune lies about 8 km southwest of Bolzano and consists of many hamlets. Appiano is the largest wine-producing place in Alto Adige, belonging to the South Tyrolean Wine Route, and with its over 180 castles the richest in castles in Europe.

The seat of the Townhall is located in St Michael, in the Oltradige area at the foot of the Pènegal mountains, amid a natural landscape of forests interspersed with apple tree orchards, vineyards and ancient castles. The typical architecture of the houses, a mixture of gothic and Renaissance, creates a very picturesque environment.  The name appears for the first time in 509 as Appianum, surely derived by the Latin first name Appius or Appianus. In 1809 the Treaty of Schönbrunn united for some years South Tyrol to the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, but after the defeat of Napoleon the province returned to Austria, and was again included in Italy only after WW1. The name "sulla Strada del Vino" was added in 1973.


  • the ruins of the Castle of Appiano, the Hocheppan Schlöss, with a chapel inside dedicated to St. Magdalene, which hosts a cycle of frescoes of the early 13th century.
  • the Passo della Mendola (Mendelpass) at 1363 meters a.s.l., which connects the valley of the Adige river and the Anaunia valley, from where a 4-km long road rises to the top of the Penegal, offering a wonderful view on the Bozen valley and the Dolomite chain
  • the two Monticolo Lakes, a natural heaven surrounded by woods, with castles mirrored in the waters, small bays where sunbathing is Possible from spring to autumn, and the mild climate allows wonderful bike and trekking itineraries. In both the small and large lakes it is possible to swims, and on the Lago Grande there is also a large open-air swimming pool. In winter when the lakes freeze also skating is practised.

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