Small wall near the town of Rivoli, seems to be part of an old mining area. The routes are bolted well and routes are fun to climb. The site was worth a day to visit if you are passing by the area.


LOCATION Verona Province
Nearest town Rivoli
Rivoli Rock Climbing Site Italy 
Major Airport Verona Airport
Public Transportation No
Rock East
Height 20 meters
Orientation southwest
Number of Routes 100+
Number of Climbing Days 3 days
Route Grades 5c - 7c
Rope length suggested 60 meter
Equipment suggested 15 quick draws

Recommended routes:

  • Fessura degli elfi 6a
  • Banana 5c
  • Il trucco 7a+
  • Ombre lunghe 7a
  • Polvere di sogno 7b
  • Abissi 7a+
  • Il signore del muro 7c


    From left to right
    Fessura degli elfi 6a
    Zio Bistecca 7a
    Hesperus 6a
    Banana split 5c
    Badaben 6a+
    Le mutande di Jonny 5c
    Archetipo 6a
    Jezebel 6b
    Crisalide 7b
    Il trucco c'è 7a+
    Ombre lunghe 7a
    Crick creck 6b
    Polvere di sogno 7b
    Le torpille 7a
    Abissi 7a+
    Aiuto il pescecan 7b
    Il signore del muro 7c
    Highlands 7b
    Mephisto 7b+
    Il sogno di Dalì 6a+
    Ganimede 6a+

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