Travel Guide to Veneto Region


Walled city of Castelfranco Veneto

Walled city of Marostica

Sitting at the foothills of the Asiago Mountain Group, and not far from Vicenza and Bassano del Grappa is the town of Marostica. A lovely town is enclosed within the ancient walls of two Castles, that still retains the magical atmosphere of the past. The wall was built by the Scaligeri Family in the 14th century and connects the castle on the hill (Castello Superiore) with the castle (Castello Inferiore) below. There were two castles were built for easy defense and control over local trade routes. Marostica has been awarded the Touring Club Italy's "Bandiera Arancione" (Orange Flag), and is famous for a human chess tournament held every 2 years.

The town is a short bike ride from Bassano del Grappa and Vicenza, or it can be reached by public transportation.  This small town can be combined for other attactions in the area to make a great day trip. 

What to See in Marostica

Marostica's principal tourist sights are the two castles, one at the top of the hill above town, the other in the main square, Piazza Castello. In the square itself you can see the chessboard laid out in paving stones, and admire the view up to the upper castle (Castello Superiore). The lower castle, the Castello Inferiore, guards the main entrance through the town walls.

  1. Lower Castel
  2. Upper Castel
  3. Museo "Cappelli di Paglia di Marostica"
  4. Museo Ornitologico "Angelo Fabris"


    Where to Stay in Marostica

    From our experience the best host of the city is Hotel Alla Torre. 

    • Due Mori, Corso Mazzini 73, tel 0424471777

    Where to Eat in Marostica

    See out Map above for food suggestions.

    Places we like

    • Al Castello Superiore, via Cansignorio dell Scala 4, tel 042473315
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    How to Get To Marostica

    By train: The nearest railway station to Marostica is at Bassano del Grappa, five miles away. Buses connect the two towns. Bassano has direct train services to Venice, Padua and Trento.

    By bus: From the nearest city, Vicenza, is your best option to reach Marostica by bus. At Marostica itself there is a bus stop just outside the city wall, close to the lower castle. Timetables are displayed on the stop, and tickets can be bought at the bar alongside

    Other Sites Arround Marostica

    Bassano del Grappa is much larger than Marostica and is an attractive tourist destination with many more shops, cafes and things to see. Vicenza is famous for its architecture and is a lovely town to stay in or to wander on a long day trip. There are quite a few countryside villas and pretty small towns in this part of the Veneto-