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Visiting the city of Venice is usually on everyone's Italian list, however do not miss getting outside of the city and exploring.  To better understand the history of the old Venezia Republic and the development of western Europe a journey through the Venice Province is a must.  The Province of Venice (Provincia di Venezia) is one of the 7 provinces in the Veneto region of northern Italy. Its capital is the city of Venice.  It has an area of 2,467 km², and a total population of about 846,962. The Province of Venice is bordered by the Province of Padova and Province of Treviso of the Veneto region, the Province of Udine of the Friuli Venezia Region, and the Adriatic Sea. You can see by looking on a map the Venezia Province is completely flat. The lagoon and much of the surrounding area is a delta formed by the Brenta River, Piave River, Livenza River, and Tagliamento River. The Venice Province is about 2,459 sq. km in size and has 43 individuals townships, and is the capital of the province and Veneto region is the city of Venice.


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The Brenta and Livenza rivers flow through the province, as well as the Piave River before they flow into the Adriatic Sea or the Venetian Lagoon. The Brenta River was diverted south to Chioggia in the 16th century, when a long canal was built from the village of Stra to the Adriatic Sea, bypassing Venetian lagoon. A branch of the Brenta, named Naviglio Brenta, was left to connect the cities of Venice and Padua. The canal runs through the villages of Stra, Fiesso d'Artico, Dolo, Mira, Oriago and Malcontenta to Fusina in the north-east. In areas bordering the Friuli Venezia Region, it is estimated that 29% of the population speaks fluent Friuli. The province offers a number of other interesting sites including Caorle on the Adriatic Sea with its narrow streets, coloured houses and cylindrical bell tower, and Jesolo, with its long sandy beach, tourist attractions and nightlife. The second largest town in the province, Chioggia, on the southern side of the Venetian Lagoon, includes canals, bridges and mansions as well as the St Felice Castle and Piazza di Vigo.

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Active Vacation Guide

The Province of Venice offer quite a bit of fun activities for those looking for something active to do.  The best way to explore the province is by bicycle and there are several bike routes to enjoy.  By foot is not a bad option but there is no hiking between locations you would want to utilize the bus system to get to an area that you wish to visit.  There are plenty of water activities: beach combing, kite surfing, kayaking, small boat sailing, and there are a couple of SCUBA shops offering excursions off the coast.

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