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Padova Province of Veneto

The Province of Padua (Provincia di Padova) is a province in the Veneto region of Italy. Its capital is the city of Padua. It has an area of 2,142 km², and a total population of 940,090 (2012) making it the most populated province of Veneto. There are 104 comuni in the province. The territory is divided into the capital city, Padua, and its country side, formed by the nearby municipalities; Paduan the Alta Pianura (higher plain), north of the city; the Bassa Pianura (lower plain), south of the city, including the Saccisica in the south-east; and the Colli Euganei, south-west of the city. The Euganei hills are the only heights of the entire province, the other parts being totally plain. The province of Padua is rich in touristic sites. The city of Padua is home of some masterpieces from Medieval and Renaissance art and architecture, while the towns of Cittadella and Montagnana are famous for the well preserved Medieval city walls. There are many ancient and beautiful villas in the countryside, a few of them from Palladio, the main ones being Villa Contarini (in Piazzola sul Brenta) and Villa Barbarigo (in Valsanzibio). The Euganei hills offer a relaxing naturalistic site, often covered in woods, while at their eastern slopes there are many ancient spa sites: the Terme Euganee, as Abano Terme, Montegrotto Terme, Galzignano Terme, Battaglia Terme. There is a small part of the Venetian Lagoon lying inside the province, the Valle Millecampi ("one-thousand-fields valley"); and also the river landscapes of the countryside include naturalistic routes, even for cycling or horse-riding. Travelling by boat is possible as well. Two motorways cross the territory, one being the A4, the other being the A13; Padua has also an highway ring surrounding the city and connecting it to its hinterland. The main railways make almost the same paths of the motorways, going to Venice, Milan or Bologna; but there are minor railways going north (Castelfranco Veneto), north-west (Bassano del Grappa and Trento), south-west (Mantua) and south-east (Chioggia). The main roads follow all those paths. The borders of the province are almost the same from the Medieval commune, with just some adjustment in the north-east.

The history of the region of Veneto is closely linked to the history of the Republic of Venice, that extended its rule over the entire area during the the 12th century, reaching as far as Brescia and Bergamo on the mainland and as far as Crete and Peloponnese in the Mediterranean, until the 17th century. During the period the Serenissima created many wonderful cities of art supported by trade to the Far East as a prime source of wealth. This economic success also helped to give rise to an intense artistic and cultural activity in the area, that has left permanent marks on the Region’s culture.

Communities of Padova

Abano Terme | Agna | Albignasego | Anguillara Veneta | Arqu‡ Petrarca | Arre | Arzergrande | Bagnoli di Sopra | Baone | Barbona | Battaglia Terme | Boara Pisani | Borgoricco | Bovolenta | Brugine | Cadoneghe | Campo San Martino | Campodarsego | Campodoro | Camposampiero | Candiana | Carceri | Carmignano di Brenta | Cartura | Casale di Scodosia | Casalserugo | Castelbaldo | Cervarese Santa Croce | Cinto Euganeo | Cittadella | Codevigo | Conselve | Correzzola | Curtarolo | Este | Fontaniva | Galliera Veneta | Galzignano Terme | Gazzo | Grantorto | Granze | Legnaro | Limena | Loreggia | Lozzo Atestino | Masera di Padova | Masi | Massanzago | Megliadino San Fidenzio | Megliadino San Vitale | Merlara | Mestrino | Monselice | Montagnana | Montegrotto Terme | Noventa Padovana | Ospedaletto Euganeo | Padova | Pernumia | Piacenza d'Adige | Piazzola sul Brenta | Piombino Dese | Piove di Sacco | Polverara | Ponso | Ponte San Nicolo' | Pontelongo | Pozzonovo | Rovolon | Rubano | Saccolongo | Saletto | San Giorgio delle Pertiche | San Giorgio in Bosco | San Martino di Lupari | San Pietro in Gu | San Pietro Viminario | Santa Giustina in Colle | Santa Margherita d'Adige | Sant'Angelo di Piove di Sacco | Sant'Elena | Sant'Urbano | Saonara | Selvazzano Dentro | Solesino | Stanghella | Teolo | Terrassa Padovana | Tombolo | Torreglia | Trebaseleghe | Tribano | Urbana | Veggiano | Vescovana | Vighizzolo d'Este | Vigodarzere | Vigonza | Villa del Conte | Villa Estense | Villafranca Padovana | Villanova di Camposampiero | Vo

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If you find yourself in the Padova Province there are several great activities to enjoy and options for your vacation.

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