South of Vicenza along the State Road Rivera Berica you can enjoy a nice day trip along the 'Pista Ciclabile' that is constructed along the old rail system.  The path has been a project of the province for several years that is projected to go all the way to Noventa Vicentina, the only section that was usable up until this year was from Vicenza to Costozza.  However, the path has finally been extended past Barbarano Vicentina and offers a nice alternative to route to explore the Colli Berici. 

This is a path best suited for tourist rides and with the family, there are too many barriers and intersections to work through ride faster than 15 kph.  The route is completely flat and very easy, inorder to explore the wine area and small villages you will have to leave the path. 

From the Vicenza train station turn right onto the main road up toward Monte Berici and Riviera Berica, at the Palladio Arch traffic circle you will leave the main road, on the right side, passing under the an archway.  Here is where the bike path starts and there is a sign marking this point.

The path will cross over to the left side of the road as you leave the Borgo Berga area.  Always be careful crossing here cars do not always stop like they should.  Here the bike path runs for about 4 km, and you will pass the Palladio 'Rotonda', Campedello and then arrive at the town of Debba

At Debba the route seems to end but it does not, continue along the left side of the road, being very careful of cars exiting the street on your left.  Just pass the low wall you will encounter the bike path once more.  Continue along the path for another 2 km until you come to a point were you will need to cross the road, just before you enter the town of Longare. 

You will be riding behind the town of Longare and when you come to a traffic circle, you could take a side excursion to Costozza, or continue straight and you are now on the newest section of the path.

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