po river bike touring routes


The Destra Po (FE 20) cycle route is an extraordinary itinerary that follows the Great River on its way to the sea, from Stellata di Bondeno, on the western border of the province of Ferrara to Gorino Ferrarese, in the heart of the Delta. Cars are not allowed along most of the route; it is suitable for both adults and children because it is very flat.  The route starts in Stellata and follows the Po River for about six kilometres, then it follows the Panaro River and among green wooded flood plains it reaches Bondeno. This town is rich in gastronomic traditions, which are promoted by many initiatives; many water works can be found here testifying to the continuous fight against floods.

The route then joins the right river bank of the Po River and reaches Pontelagoscuro, 7 km from Ferrara. After the Oasi dell’Isola Bianca, a sandy bird sanctuary in the bed of the Po River home to a varied colony of birds, the route leads to Francolino, which was once an important trade port, also mentioned by Ludovico Ariosto. Other intermediate towns, like Fossadalbero and Zocca, lead to Ro Ferrarese. After Ro Ferrarese, the cycle route follows once again the Po River bank and crosses the land reclaimed in past centuries by the Grande Bonifica Ferrarese which stretches south of Berra. The landscape with large cultivated areas interrupted only by the perfect geometries of canals and roads is mesmerising.    In Serravalle the route leaves the Venice branch of the Po River and follows the Po River of Goro passing by Mesola, with its magnificent late-Renaissance Castello Estense, and finally reaches Gorino Ferrarese, where the river meets the sea.

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