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Active Vacation's in Italy

Guide to Outdoor Recreation in italy

Italy offers the traveler multipule recreation activities to enjoy during your vacation and helps to get you off the main tourist tracks. A historic part of the Italian culture has been to enjoy the outdoors and explore the local mountains and beachs.  Even today in the electronic world and spread of American style team sports you will still find most Italians ski, hike, run, climb, or participate in some type of outdoor recreation. However, not much is written in English about the varied outdoor activities to enjoy in through out Italy.  The goal of the Italiaoutdoors web sit is to present an updated guide to varied activities you can enjoy during your vacation in Italy.  This is a planning guide, for the first time visitor and well traveled explorer, to assist you in getting the most out of your stay in Italy. We hope you enjoy.

Top Outdoor Recreation to Enjoy In Italy

Walking Tour Amalfi Coast

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Bike Italy

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Climb Italy

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Hike Italy

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Ski Italy

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Regions of Italy

where to go in italy

Deciding where to travel in Italy can be confusing and adding to the mix an active vacation with the history, culture, and food - wine most people will find themselves overwhelmed. The Italiaoutdoors region guide should give you a good starting point in your planning.  Italy has 20 political regions and each has varied options for the traveler. 

Italiaoutdoors Top Regions

Veneto Region

Guide to the Veneto Region of Italy

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Trentino Alto Adige Region

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Friuli Venezia Region

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Landscape of Italy

Another Way to View Italy

When traveling Italy individuals should be aware of the primary reason it has become so unique.  Italy as a nation state only came about in the mid 1800's, prior to that the region was divided into small city states and countries.  This was due to geography of the region, the mountains, rivers, swamps, and sea divided everything into land islands on the mainland as well as the islands in the sea.  Italy had always been known for its many micro climates ranging from topic to arctic conditions and the small land structures that have protected them from invasion also isolated areas. Planning your vacation should start with a quick qeography lesson of the boot.

Our Top Places to Explore

The Dolomites

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Lakes of Italy

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