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Vicenza Province Italy - Veneto Region

Vicenza Province of Italy, Bike Touring

The Province of Vicenza (Provincia di Vicenza) is considered the heart of the Veneto Region . The capital of the province is the city of Vicenza. The province has an area of 2,723 sq. km, and a total population of 840,000 (as of 2006). There are 121 townships (municipalities) in the province, due to the historical fragmentation of the territory (the highest in the Veneto) . Important towns in the province include Bassano del Grappa, VI -  Montecchio Maggiore, VI - Torri di Quartesolo, VI -  Schio, VI -  Noventa Vicentina, VI - Thiene,VI - Marostica,VI - Lonigo, VI - Arzignano,VI - and Valdagno, VI.

Population is unevenly spread throughout the province. More than 60% of the populace resides in densely industrialised areas in the eastern, western, and northern (known as Alto Vicentino) industrial zones, as well as the area surrounding Bassano del Grappa, VI. The remaining 40% reside in predominantly rural ares in the southern part of the province (the Colli Berici and Basso Vicentino) or the Asiago plateau. 

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