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Bike Touring Vicenza Province , Italy

Italy Travel Guide - Bike Tour Veneto

Bike Tour VicenzaVicenza is one of the Veneto's best riding areas, it has all types of terrain; from flats, rolling hills, medium mountains, to major climbs, and the weather allows you to ride 7 to 8 months out of the Year.  Considering that a large portion of the Italian bike industry still has bases of operation in the province it is easy to see why there are always people out on the road.

The are has flat routes with lots of culture and history stops along the way for casual riders, rolling hills to explore the wine zones and food of the various towns.  The Prealpi and Asiago Altopiano, and Mt Grappa mountain groups for some early season ascents.  Many of Italy's top producers of bicycle equipment is located in the province.


Bike Tour Vicenza Province ItalyGREAT BIKE ROUTES IN THE Vicenza Province



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