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One of the unique things about Italy is the diverse amount of outdoor recreation activities available throughout each region. You could spend the morning skiing in the Italian Dolomites and in the afternoon be on the beach near Venice SCUBA diving or on Lake Garda wind surfing, and in between activities stop over in a Roma town to have a glass of wine with great regional food. Most Outdoor Activities can be done 9 months out of the year, and if you are a true die hard you can do almost all types of outdoor sports 12 months out of the year.

Combine the outdoor recreation and nature of Italy with the rich history and culture, and you have one of the most flexible vacation areas available in the world. As we grow older as recreationist there are times family and other commitments might limit our freedom to explore. However, visiting Italy allows individuals to enjoy an active vacation while combining time with a traditional cultural vacation in one of the most beautiful and historical rich countries in the world.

The Italiaoutdoor web guide is written by outdoor professionals and individuals living and working in Italy. We try to give your the traveler prospective and general information needed to help you start on planning your next; Italy Bike Tour, Rock Climbing Trip, Ski Trip, Hiking the Italian Dolomites, and many other active vacation adventures. We hope you find the information useful and enjoy a great time exploring just as we are.

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